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aids-ribbon1People living with HIV (PLHIV) founded the Malawi Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (MANET+) on 16 April 1997 as a coordinating and facilitating body with the main goal of promoting effective networking amongst associations and support groups of people living with HIV and AIDS and their collaborators. People living with HIV/AIDS identified the serious need to harmonise their activities and planned that MANET+ should form a web of solidarity of associations or support groups of HIV positive persons and those affected.

MANET+ is incorporated under the Trustees Incorporation Act (Cap. 5.30) of the Laws of Malawi and as such, its rights and obligations are vested in it independently of its officers. The funds and property of the Network are thus vested in its Board of Trustees.


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Membership to the Network

The membership of the Network includes all interested PLHIV support groups or associations in the country. Membership is also open to all individual PLHIV who wish to be members of the Network but are not necessarily members of any support group or association. Individual well-wishers or benefactors, not .. Read More

MANET+ Mission

The mission of MANET+ together with its mandates provides the Network’s social justification for its existence. MANET+ exists “to improve the quality of life of people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS in Malawi through the promotion and protection of their rights and freedoms, empowerment and meaningful involvement in issues that affect their lives at individual, family, community, workplace and national levels.”